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Auburn Quality

We control and test our leather from raw material throughout the tanning process to ensure the highest standards are consistently met. Our dedicated quality assurance team thoroughly tests every lot of leather for tensile strength, thickness consistency, and color accuracy.

Leather color is measured against established shade variance standards and tested for performance-based criteria such as crocking and colorfastness to water using ASTM & SATRA-approved testing equipment and follows ASTM and SATRA test procedures. We utilize 3rd-party independent labs to test our leather for Restrictive Substances (RS) to ensure full compliance year in, year out.

The following reference materials are available for download:

Lace Product Line Matrix

Chrome vs Alum

Measuring Break Strength of Leather Laces

Measuring Width of Leather Laces

Measuring Thickness of Leather Laces

Measuring Colorfastness of Crocking of Leather

Measuring Colorfastness to Water of Leather

2017 RS Test Reports