Leather Footwear Lace

We Start With Choice Hides

Auburn Leather is the leading global supplier of Genuine Rawhide leather lace. Since 1863 our company has focused on quality from start to finish. Choice leather comes from the best hides. We've discovered U.S. dairy cowhides are ideal for their natural strength, split resistance, and consistent thickness. Combined with our proprietary tanning formulas, we ensure our leather lace meets the highest level of quality expected by our discerning customers. Over the past 150 years we have established a reputation for quality and everyday we continue that dedication to excellence.

Style, Texture & Quality

From traditional boat shoes, slippers, and boots, footwear designers use leather lace to establish a style. Leather laces are rich in texture & feel, timeless heritage, lasting tradition, and encompass the overall essence of natural quality. Using leather footwear lace is a proven value-add to any footwear design.

Engineered for Function

The performance of leather footwear lace is just as important as it's timeless visual appeal. The use of non-leather upper materials such as canvas, suede, and other synthetics requires different performance criteria than styles using full-grain leather uppers. To help designers select the right type of lace, we now offer a full array of leather lace options, tailored to meet today's style and performance needs. Our sales consulting team is highly knowledgable and available to help you determine the ideal lace for your project.