Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing & Promotional Products

Auburn Leather’s contract manufacturing services specializes in custom leather-based product design, development, & production. We pride ourselves on working together with you to help make your ideas a reality. Our approach for each and every project is simple…bring both the capability and experience necessary to deliver your finished material on spec and on time.

Capabilities include:

• Cutting of leather and other non-metallic materials
• Laminating
• Embossing
• Assembling
• Packaging

Qualified custom product details & documentation include:

• Initial renderings or sketches
• Drawings (CAD and/or Solidworks)
• Prototyping
• Tool Design
• Tool Build Management
• Project Timeline
• Part Specifications
• Production Work Instructions
• Process Flow
• Inspections / Controls


Full-Grain Leather Promotional Products

The beauty of our leathers is realized in our latest promotional product collection – all made right here in Auburn, KY USA.

  • Classic Standard/Legal Portfolio
  • Classic Junior Legal Portfolio
  • Stitched Mousepad
  • Stitched Square & Round Coasters

*50-sheet writing pad is included with both the Classic Standard & Junior Portfolio

We use our own full-grain leathers, made from 100% domestic U.S. hides, creating a truly classic leather piece that only gets better with age – our leather “wears in” not out. By incorporating only light finishing to our leathers, we allow the natural look of the leather to be retained, with all of its natural variance and imperfections. By taking this approach, each piece we produce is an original – no two are exactly the same!

Great executive gift ideas for the home or office!

Classic Standard/Legal Portfolio, Brown Latigo
Classic Standard/Legal Portfolio, Buffed Brown Latigo
Classic Standard/Legal Portfolio, Black Latigo







Includes 50-sheet writing pad
Classic Junior Legal Portfolio, Brown Latigo
Classic Junior Legal Portfolio, Buffed Brown Latigo
Classic Junior Legal Portfolio, Black Latigo







Stitched Mousepad, Brown Latigo
Stitched Mousepad, Buffed Brown Latigo
Stitched Mousepad, Black Latigo







Stitched Square Coaster, Brown Latigo
Stitched Square Coaster, Buffed Brown Latigo
Stitched Square Coaster, Black Latigo







Round Coaster, Brown Latigo
Round Coaster, Buffed Brown Latigo
Round Coaster, Black Latigo







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